Meditating on Art: Calder & Abstraction at LACMA

I was privileged to go to the LACMA preview night opening for the Calder and Abstraction: From Avant-Garde to Iconic, show.  After seeing Calder with far too many people that night, it’s an exhibition I will go back to at least once before it closes July 2014. We weren’t allowed to take photos, and these photos I have are from a KCRW newsletter covering arts and culture in LA that came out after the preview. Yet, still, they cannot do the show justice. GO SEE IT IN PERSON! 

I had heard of Calder and even seen his work, but I didn’t know what I was about to experience when we went to the opening. His ‘sculptural mobiles’ are mysteriously perfect in their abstraction, natural in their metallic shapes, and evoke harmony and wonder. 

The exhibition was curated with pure love and respect and you can feel it as you walk around the displays that are so perfectly in sync with the sculptures they are subtly yet insistently installation design was done by Frank Gehry (of course!).

They are hanging, sometimes precarious, always perfect objects for wakeful art meditation. I stood in front of a few of the mobiles in a near-trance despite being surrounded by so many people, and felt like there was nothing but me and the mobiles. Art can transport me to a meditative state of pure bliss and I wonder, what is it about beauty and form that affects our emotions, that causes contemplation, poetry, and harmony? What are your experiences when viewing art?